Sunday Social Hour

Busy week on Facebook this week. Of course, perhaps it’s always been this busy, but with our new notification and update tools it just seems busier. Some of the commentary is trenchant, some is playful, some is helpful, some is critical. Just a couple of highlights below, as we were still getting the bugs out of the new system early in the week:

Lacking enough for a Saturday collection roundup, we posted about a congregation that received a bequeathed fire truck. Reader Elizabeth Ring writes: “I hope they know about a great organization called the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Motorized Fire Apparatus in America. They have chapters all over the country and 25 years old is an antique for a fire truck.”

The most active thread on Facebook this week was a reply to Scott Gunn’s query on where to send seekers. Here’s a sampling of helpful links that were posted in response:

Steven Aycock: “ is as good as any.”

Bob Chapman: “Fr. Scott, has been there for at least 5 years now. There was a time there was a link from the front page.”

Jeffrey Ross: “I recommend:”

Eleanor Braun says: “Explore Faith is a good one for the kinds of questions seekers ask.”

Ann Fontaine says: “I recommend and”

Stacey Carmody says: “Also Peek Through the Window. For those too shy to walk into an Episcopal church, they can “peek through the window’ first. It helped me when I was new.

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