Sunday Social Hour

This is more of a potluck than a social hour, this week, being a bit later in the day and around dinnertime for the easterners afoot. If you noticed bad links in any of the Facebook stories this week, it had to do with our updating links as news changed over the course of the day.

From Thou Shalt Not Use Facebook, Erlina Blevins wryly notes that if making Facebook verboten is the best way to curb infidelity, then “Might as well stop email, phones, text, letters, telegraphs, morse code, and face-to-face conversations as well. Especially anything face to face.” Hmmm, romance by Morse code, anyone?

To the ACO reacts to Covenant Criticism, Susan Russell observes, “Thanks to the “no covenant” movement which has clearly moved the debate on this ill-conceived proposal from pro forma rubber stamp to a proactive discussion of the actual document.” One can hope the discussion is actually listened to, right?

Christi Hill refers us to the blog “Chicks in Pointy Hats, now linked here for your reference.

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