Sunday Social Hour

Facebook pages are newly aggravating, because they have applied their so-called relevance engine (the same thing that generates their “top news” feed on your personal FB page) to pages, so you can no longer visit our page for a chronological view of all blog posts, and what sits at the top of our page is largely determined by how many of you like and comment on a given post. So if you are a page admin for your parish or diocese and haven’t “upgraded” yet, be prepared for that maddening change when it rolls out.

But fortunately, they are also doing a better job of letting us know when you comment to our page. And to the Speaking to the Soul piece on “General Hospitality” posted earlier this week, Kathy Schlecht bids us, “Please take a look at Adelynrood’s Facebook page to get a taste for the wonderful hospitality and programs offered now as an extension of Emily’s witness and ministry. Its awesome!”

To our post on unplugging for a “Digital Sabbath,” Amy Real Coultas gives us the link toSabbath Manifesto‘s FB page. The page links to an app that reminds you to unplug. As MoAmy notes, “Again with the irony!”

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