Sunday Social Hour

This week on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve seen a lot of commentary and re-posting/re-tweeting about the Glasspool election and the Ugandan legislation. But some other posts have caught the attention of readers, as well.

In response to the one about the cop, the rabbi and the dog, Karen Price reminded us of a year-old NPR story about a rabbi trying to reach out to the hard-to-find Jewish community in Wyoming.

Our post on the Facebook group urging Archbishop Williams to repent of his statement about the Glasspool election brought several more people to the group. You can join the group, which has over 4,000 members as of this writing, here.

Sean Ferrell makes an interesting point regarding Philip Jensen’s nonretirement:

Taken through a generational lens, one might note the reluctance of baby boomers to retire because of the economy and because they are reluctant to shed their power in the system. I would guess that Philip, presumably born in 1945 from my read of the article, points to a trend we shall see more and more. Notably a prediction of this trend was posited by generational theorists Neil Howe and William Stauss two decades ago.

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