Sunday Social Hour

This week in social media has seen a lot of commentary on the Archbishop of Canterbury–mostly critical. But other topics have brought about some entertaining gems. Gretchen R. Chateau wrote about excessively literal bible interpretations after some commentary on Is Genesis to blame?:

Kinda like the woman who walked into the kitchen and found her son doing an earnest imitation of Fats Domino, dancing, dancing, dancing.

MOM: Son, what are you doing?

SON: Trying to open the peanut butter.

MOM: **puzzled look on her face**

SON: It says, “Twist to open.”

Commentary on the a woman being nominated for bishop in the Scottish Episcopal Church got more commentary for whether it counts as a British bishop or not than anything.

On Twitter, the nor’easter dumping record amounts of snow on the mid-Atlantic (now known as the #snowpocalypse) inspired Capohanka to suggest that snowbound priests conduct their Sunday services over the messaging service Skype.

Lastly, a sad note. When we first started branching out to social media, our earliest followers were experimenting with the medium as much as we were. Who knew that it would grow into such a stalwart community? This week saw a tremendous outpouring of love and support from this community at the loss of one of its own, Gideon Arrington, known on twitter as @gideony and one of our first followers there. Information, condolences and memorials are being shared using the hash tag #gideony.

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