Sunday Social Hour, Late Night Edition

Another late night run with social media, Facebook primarily! Twitter saw numerous retweets this week, with particular attention to our posts on recent vandalism in churches and attempts to end charitable outreach efforts by churches. On Facebook, these posts are being discussed, although it’s been relatively quiet this week, possibly because of the holiday, and possibly because we actually used the FB moderation tools this week.

Tara Kennedy writes about the end of the Beacon program, which we posted about today:

Something similar is happening in my neighborhood. A local Methodist church feeds the homeless on Saturday mornings, both breakfast and the word of God, and is now fighting a battle to continue. It turns out that the person who opposes the church doing God’s work is an Episcopalian…who goes to my church. I am so embarrassed that a “Christian” would deny the church its service. Big sigh…

Paige Baker notes about The Rev. Lauren Stanley’s essay “I need more money, Lord,” (and several people second her):

I’m going to print this out and give it to everyone who starts talking to me about Christmas shopping…

Most popular on Facebook this week was “The Episcopal Church pushes back.”

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