Super Bowl commercials

I have been seized by the need to blog about the Super Bowl commericals and other SB ephemera. But I tuned in just for the game, so any cultural atrocities committed before 6 pm will go unremarked upon.

First of all, where is the American Family Association when you really need them? The Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut commerical was awful–pizza-wielding sexpot reprising Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots are Made for Walking” stuffs a piece of some PH product into a teenager mouth. He passes out.

Whose idea was it to have Roger Staubach participate in the Dr. Seuss reading? He’s the anti-Seuss. Stiff, self-righteous, the opposite in life of what he was on the field.

The Busby Berkley Burger King commercial–with female dancers dressed as lettuce, tomoato, onions, etc.,–made you think about how much money they spent to such little affect. Which I don’t think was their aim.

The Sierra Mist ad asked the question: are we ready for airport security humor? And if so, should it be funny?

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Bud Lite, still living down the flatulent horse ads for two(?) years ago, is playing it safe.

I like the players who name their high school or home town, rather than their college, when they are introduced. You should only be able to list your college if you got a degree.

The ad says that the movie V for Vendetta is an “ucompromising” visioin of the future from the makers of the Matrix trilogy. If the Matrix trilogy is any indication, I think the word they were looking for was “incoherent.”

I think the Diet Pepsi commercial where the vending machine joined the New England Patriots was funnier than the Diet Pepsi can goes to Hollywood spots they are showing tonight.

Why Budweiser thinks that making us think of the part of a sheep that would be covered by a sheep’s bathing suit if sheep wore bathing suits will make us want to buy their beer is unclear to me.

The ESPN mobile commercial is a nice slick piece of work.

Mission Impossible III: Tom Cruise is the good guy. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the bad guy. That’s how you know it is fiction.

Liked the Dove commercial about girls who worry about the way that they look.

Speaking of football, anybody else waiting for the Steelers to give the ball to Bettis a couple more times. It isn’t as though anybody else is tearing up the field.

The Shaq commercial for Desperate Housewives was quick and clever.

Given Go Daddy’s commercials, I hate to admit that we always use them to register a new internet domain. But they’re the best. I feel certain this is true because our web master, who makes these calls, is a woman, and definitely not in Go Daddy’s target audience.

Gilllete has introduced a five-blade razor. Can’t we just agree on the optimal number of blades and let these people get on to other challenges?

Did I hear right that Mike Holmgren’s wife and daughter are on a mission trip to the Republic of the Congo?

And that Mike wouldn’t let them cancel it to be at the Super Bowl? Shoot, I might have to root for them. The Holmgrens, I mean. I have a 10-year-old nephew who is a Steelers’ fanatic, and my sister’s household will be happier if the Steelers win.

The NFL ad that just ran said that the Super Bowl is about as American as America gets. This is probably true. It is also profoundly depressing.

The United ad was like a brilliantly conceived children’s book. I think maybe they are better at making ads than they are at running an airline.

Well, the half is almost over and the commercials haven’t been particularly noteable, so I am going to call it a blogging night.

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