Sydney’s six are skipping Lambeth

Archbishop Peter Jensen of Sydney has released the following statement:

‘With regret, the Archbishop and Bishops of the Diocese of Sydney have decided not to attend the Lambeth Conference in July. They remain fully committed to the Anglican Communion, to which they continue to belong, but sense that attending the Conference at this time will not help heal its divisions. They continue to pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lambeth Conference.’

There are six bishops in the diocese including Jensen.

Jensen and his allies have attempted to create the impression, that Jensen speaks for more bishops than he does, a pretense that was helpfully punctured by the Bishop of Newcastle. In disassociating himself from a rival conference (GAFCON) which Jensen is organizing, the Rt. Rev. Brian Farran, said:

It needs to be understood that Dr. Jensen is an organizer of this conference in his own personal capacity or possibly in his capacity as the Bishop of the Diocese of Sydney. It must be seen that Dr. Jensen has no authorization to do this as the Metropolitan of the Anglican Province of New South Wales. (Editor’s note: there are seven dioceses in the province.) I am not suggesting that Dr.Jensen would act in this way as the Metropolitan of New South Wales but public perception might not be discriminating in this regard. As the Bishop of Newcastle I wish to dissociate myself from any movement such as GAFCON that might damage or lessen the moral authority of the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

(Emphasis added.)

Farran’s statement is here.

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