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Brotherhood of St. Andrew addresses racial reconciliation

“The creation of this Committee on Racial Reconciliation is a statement that tells the church and our members we are very serious concerning the challenges that racism presents us in bringing men and youth closer to Christ,” [Brotherhood of St. Andrew] President Butcher said.

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Faith Reels: Detroit

Detroit is a complex new film by Director Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker). The film chronicles the race riots of 1967 but shines the light specifically on the now well-known Algiers Motel incident.

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“Lumos!” Cry-babies, bullies and the power of words

We sold Millennials on an illusion and they have bit into it hook, line, and sinker. Not only that, but they have invested themselves into the multiculturalism we sold them. Millennials aren’t naïve and have been aware that preceding generations are not as progressive as them but I strongly believe that this election caught them off guard to the magnitude of how broken and shattered our communities are along racial lines. They grew up thinking their way of life was safe but now have had that illusion shattered by previous generations refusing to pass on the baton.

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The shadows that follow us

“I continue to believe that we’re not free in this country, … There are spaces that are occupied by the legacy of that history that weigh on us. We talk a lot about freedom. We talk a lot about equality. We talk a lot about justice. But we’re not free. There are shadows that follow us.”

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