Taking on a bit of water

I hope to have a copy of Bishop Duncan Gray’s letter to the Diocese of Mississippi a bit later today, or perhaps tomorrow, but if you are eager to see it, and read some responses, you can visit Stand Firm. Bishop Gray is at least the fourth of the so-called “Windsor Bishops” to indicate that he has no interest in the Primatial Vicar scheme concocted by the Anglican Communion Institute and recommended to our Church by the Primates. Two other Windsor bishops are no longer in office.

Simon Sarmiento has done some math on this.

I am not ready to say that the vicar scheme is sunk, but it has taken on some water. Part of its appeal to Communion conservatives was that it broadened the pool of bishops willing to buck the majority beyond members of the Anglican Communion Network. Some of that appeal has now been lost.

Update: The Windsor bishops may meet in August.

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