Tale of two seminaries: Wycliffe and Trinity

Yesterday we reported on goings-on at Trinity Seminary in Pittsburgh, complaints that even Network bishops are biased against sending postulants to the conservative Episcopal seminary.

Today there is more on Wycliffe Hall, a Church of England seminary located at Oxford University. Thinking Anglicans reports:

First, wannabepriest has drawn attention to how the situation there has changed by linking to this:

Does the organisation Reform have a place within the evangelical firmament of the Church of England, not to mention the wider Anglican Communion? The question is prompted by the recent decision of the council of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, to ban meetings of the local student branch of the movement until a policy can be formulated on the ‘issue’…

Second, Giles Fraser has written a comment article Not faith, but fanaticism in today’s Guardian which concludes like this:

…Of course, what should really happen is that the bishops of the Church of England stop using colleges like this to train its priests. Places such as Wycliffe are turning Anglicanism into a cult. But it’s a symptom of how bad things are in the C of E, and how frightened its bishops have become of the financial muscle of conservative evangelicals, that they won’t find the gumption to cut Wycliffe adrift.

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