TEC Executive Council takes up unfinished business

The Executive Council will take up the unfinished business of General Convention as unaddressed resolutions head for the next step.

Episcopal News Service writes about what comes next:

Now that General Convention 2009 is in the memories of many, there remains a bit of unfinished business. For example, what happens to the resolutions that were not addressed or acted upon? A handful of resolutions, approved by one house by not addressed by the other, are now headed to Executive Council.

At the Episcopal Church’s General Convention 2009 in Anaheim, CA, the House of Deputies and House of Bishops addressed and approved an astounding number of resolutions – 419 – ranging from the Anglican Communion, budget and liturgy to civil rights, the environment and healthcare. Resolutions passed by General Convention are binding on the Church, explained the Rev. Gregory Straub, executive officer and secretary of General Convention.

What happens now?

So, what happens to these 19 resolutions?

“General Convention passed a resolution authorizing the secretary to refer incomplete resolutions to an interim body,” Straub, who serves as secretary, explained. “It is my decision to forward resolutions that have been perfected by a legislative committee and debated and passed by one house to a Standing Committee of Executive Council.”

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