Telling it like it is in Wyoming

Yesterday morning, John Smylie (rector of St. Mark’s, Casper) was a candidate in the search for the ninth Bishop of Wyoming, which turned out to be a five-ballot event at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Laramie. Last night he went to bed a bishop-elect with a consecration scheduled for the last day in July, consents pending.

Before all that, Smylie answered questions – plenty of ’em, both in print and in person.

On video no longer available at YouTube, Smylie holds forth on a smattering of important matters.

Why he wanted the job:

I think that I could be your pastor. I think that I could work to love you into greater growth.

Same-gender marriage:

I would be open to affirming the unions, but we can’t have the marriage because of the legal aspect.

His goals and what changes they might precipitate:

I don’t know what the changes will be, but I know as we participate in our Lord’s vision, we will be changed, and God will be glorified.

How he handles anger:

The one who anger hurts is the one who holds it.

With a hat-tip to Louie Crew, we note the following: Smylie, who was once an associate at Christ Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey, has become the fourth priest with such credentials to have been elected to the episcopate. He joins bishops Gene Robinson (New Hampshire), Richard Shimpfky (resigned from El Camino Real), and Philip Duncan (Central Gulf Coast) – all of them with ties of service to Christ Church!

Photos of the election (Smylie appears in photo #144.)

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