Tentmakers popping up in otherwise traditional churches

The Hartford Courant has featured Episcopal clergy who share clerical duties in a part-time setting.

Christ Episcopal [East Hampton, CT] is among many Connecticut churches that have had to make difficult choices in the face of financial challenges caused by dwindling membership and increases in expenses. The Rev. Canon Erik Larsen of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut said one-third of the diocese’s 172 Episcopal churches are led by priests who serve in less than full-time capacities.

“A lot of parishes are feeling the pinch and are moving away from full time and going to part time. Most parishes wouldn’t think that is a good strategy for growth, but they are forced to do it for survival,” Larsen said. “I think it’s not just our Episcopal Church, I think a lot of churches are in the same boat. It forces us to look at ways in which we can work together.

“Necessity being the mother of invention, we are reaching out and working together.”

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