Thanks, again

I wanted to thank everyone who has visited our Web site since last December 1. For the first time in any 12-month period, we’ve had over 1 million visitors and over 2.5 million “page views.” I haven’t done the research yet, but I believe that’s an increase of more than 300 percent over any previous 12-month period.

If you are new to the site and unfamiliar with some of our resources, please look in on the Spirituality section, especially the audio visual meditations. Have a look at the diocesan movie, and the diocesan newspaper, and our online Advent calendar. If you are trying to get up to speed on the Anglican controversy, have a look at Following the Money.

We’d love to have you join us some Sunday morning, or any time, really. So if you live in Washington, or suburban Maryland, and are looking for a church home, please visit our Find a Church page and, um, find a church. (If you don’t live near D.C., you can find a church here.)

Thanks again for visiting, and if you would like to support our work with a contribution, please give to the Bishop’s Appeal.

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