That didn’t last long

Ugandans at an anti-gay protest in Kampala held up “Barack Omaba Back Off” signs.

Box Turtle Bulletin has TV news footage and reporting.


Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo, who had earlier promised to remain silent for the remainder of the debate, went back on his vow and strongly defended the bill while hinting that the death penalty might be dropped. In denouncing the international pressure against the bill’s passage, Buturo said:

I’ve lived in those countries, and I know how important that issue of aid is. They give, most people there, give in the belief they are helping the poor. Now, you don’t help the poor by teaching them about homosexuality, do you?

It’s all here, #2here, and #3here.

Ssempa said: “They (the task force) have condemned the efforts of the American president, Barrack Obama, and Hilary Clinton, for using the pulpit of the White House to preach a gospel of sodomy.”

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