That Nigerian bill

Matthew Thompson has the latest on the dreadful Nigerian bill that the leaders of Truro and the Falls Church won’t tell the truth about.

Matt writes:

Many Nigerians believe that there are, in fact, no “real” homosexuals among them. It is difficult for those of us outside of Nigeria to understand this, and it is in part because of this lack of understanding that so few in the United States, especially those with affiliations to religious groups in Nigeria that have endorsed the legislation (like many readers of Titus One Nine or Stand Firm in Faith), can grasp the magnitude of the situation. Yet regardless of our ignorance, Nigerians themselves understand quite well that this legislation is intended to stamp out speech, prevent gay and lesbian organizations from organizing, and make second-class citizens of “suspected” homosexuals.

This is not academic. It’s not the same debate as is commonly heard in the US and Europe about granting the same rights, priveleges and responsibilities to same-sex couples as to opposite-sex couples. It’s a real threat to the lives of what could amount to millions of Nigerians. Those complicit in this legislation’s passage, both within Nigeria and without, will have a lot to answer for.

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