The 11 most important religion and politics findings of 2011

Robert P. Jones writes in his Figuring Faith blog in The Washington Post on some of the most important religions findings of 2011.

1.Occupy Wall Street Matches the Tea Party in Influence.

2.Support for Same-sex Marriage is No Longer a Minority Position.

3.Views on Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Decoupling.

4.Americans Continue to Struggle with Muslims’ Place in American Society.

5.Americans Register Serious Concerns about the Morality of Income Inequality.

6.Taxing the Wealthy and Raising the Minimum Wage Enjoy Broad Support.

7.Significant Numbers of White Americans Register Concerns about Reverse Discrimination.

8.Americans are Divided on Whether the American Dream Still Holds True Today.

9.Millennials Distance Themselves from Traditional Church Teachings on Sexuality Issues.

10. Americans Continue to Support a Comprehensive Approach to Immigration Reform that Includes a Path to Citizenship.

11. Voters Say it is Important for Presidential Candidates to have Strong Religious Beliefs.

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