The Anglican Communion Website II

Mark Harris reports on the provincial directory maintained by the Anglican Communion:

The Anglican Communion website now confirms The Episcopal Church’s understanding that there is currently no bishop in either the Diocese of Quincy or the Diocese of Fort Worth. In addition, the entries are for “The Episcopal Church,” rather than “The Episcopal Church, USA.” Additionally, the Diocese of Fort Worth website now lists the site belonging to that of the “Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians representing The Diocese of Fort Worth.”

We’ve cautioned against reading too much into the speed with which the understaffed Anglican Communion office responds to changes within member churches. Political battles within the Communion won’t be won via Web directories. That said, in this instance, it seems that the Communion office accepts that certain bishops have been deposed, or renounced their orders. This is good news for the Episcopal Church, and bad news for Bob Duncan and Jack Iker.

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