The Anglican Covenant ignores the problem of evil?

Writing in Ekklesia Savi Hensman makes the observation that in addition to the often-stated criticisms of the Anglican Covenant, it also appears to ignore the problem of evil:

Anglican Covenant ignores the problem of evil

From Ekklesia (UK)

There have been many criticisms of the proposed Covenant currently being considered by the various churches in the Anglican Communion. Critics have pointed out that this Covenant sets out to replace a theologically diverse fellowship, in which provinces are autonomous but seek to grow in understanding together, with a centralised structure which may discipline or exclude those who do not conform.

The importance of being open to the Holy Spirit and seeking the truth on controversial matters is not adequately recognised. The role of lay people and parish clergy is downplayed. Moreover the Covenant is widely seen as one-sided, aimed at punishing certain provinces for supposed failings while allowing all kinds of other concerns to go unheeded.

Less attention has been given to the disturbing approach to unity which ignores the problem of evil.

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