The Archbishop of Cape Town on the “Heartlands of Anglicanism”

The Archbishop of Cape Town has written to the Primates of the Anglican Communion issuing a strong call to uphold the ‘ broad rich heartlands of our Anglican heritage.’ You can read it here.

An excerpt:

Thus it is the Provinces that have the final say – through their constitutional processes and the deliberations of their synods. This is ultimately where the future of Anglicanism lies – this is where the authority to take decisions is found. We should be entirely clear about this – no matter what certain groups, or the media say. Anglicans should not be daunted when the press makes much of this group’s statement or that group’s communiqu�, as many do not carry substantive authority.

Rather, we should encourage the whole people of God to contribute to forging our future together. The Primates’ meeting next year, and the Lambeth Conference in 2008, must take extensive counsel, but, as is well known, these are not authoritative decision making bodies. And, as gatherings solely of Bishops, they are certainly not representative of all the fullness of Anglicanism. Bishops must exercise collegiality with their clergy and people, as well as with one another.

Therefore, as both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates (in the document, Towards an Anglican Covenant) have pointed out, this means that we have a lengthy process before us. It cannot be ‘solved’ in the next year or two – and to attempt to do so would be dishonouring both to the Windsor Process, and, more importantly, to the people of God who count themselves Anglican

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