The Artist’s Purpose


Just as there are many ways of being in a place, there are also many ways of seeing. When we lessen our focus on the immediacy of our personal circumstance, our minds are free to pour themselves empty into our hearts and we wait. Amidst the stillness and motion that we find there, in kairos time we experience a displacement at the center. The vastness of the indwelling Mystery that we encounter begins its dance with the somnambulant spirit of our baptism. And the artist’s purpose — our contribution and gift to the life and work of the world — takes wing.

With deep gratitude, the Board of directors of Episcopal Church & Visual Arts expresses its thanks to Episcopal Cafe and to the many generous supporters whose 2008 contributions make possible this work.

On View: Communion by Camilla Armstrong. Oil on linen, 1998. As seen in Visual Preludes 2006.

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