The Bible and gay marriage

Monday, December 15, Talk of the Nation on NPR carried a program: What’s the Word? The Bible on Gay Marriage:

Religious leaders often cite scripture as the basis for their opposition to gay marriage. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and host of the Albert Mohler Program, believes a strict reading of the text forbids gay marriage. But Lisa Miller, religion editor at Newsweek, contends the Bible’s models of marriage are flawed, and its lessons about love actually argue for gay marriage.

Listen here.

Report on the Newsweek story from The Lead here.

Newsweek today followed up its original story with a debate between “Bill Wylie-Kellerman, a United Methodist serving as pastor at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Detroit, [and] Dr. Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy and research at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, an agency of the Southern Baptist Convention.”

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