The case against Don Armstrong

I have been slow to post the Diocese of Colorado’s presentment against the Rev. Don Armstrong, executive director of the Anglican Communion Institute, mostly because I have been wary about getting caught up in every incremental development, every charge and counter charge in this increasingly bitter tale. This presentment, however, seems an important enough document, simply to offer it for your persual.

I was surprised to learn on pages 4 and 5 of the presentment that the ACI is a ministry of Grace Church and St. Stephen’s, Armstrong’s Colorado Springs parish, and to read the diocese’s allegation that the checking accounts of the two institutions were used “interchangably.”

There is no mention of Armstrong’s parish on the ACI’s Web site. There is a listing of a high powered board of directors, however, and I am wondering how it will respond if it turns out that the institute that has functioned as a conservative brain trust over the last three years was involved in questionable financial dealings.

My hunch is that they will make not a sound, but I could be wrong.

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