The Christmas rush

Cindi Scoppe in The State:

On the third day of Christmas, I awoke to the sound of a “Morning Edition” host ridiculing the grocery stores that were still — still — playing Christmas music.

On the fourth day of Christmas, the first three installments of Rick Noble’s 12 creches of Christmas arrived in my in-box, along with a couple of messages that concluded with “Merry Christmas.” Maybe I was overstating this American rush to sweep the celebration of the Incarnation out into the bleak midwinter, I thought, as I selected a Christmas column to run on the next day’s Commentary page. …

On the fifth day of Christmas, I fielded calls from a couple of readers who considered it outrageous that I had run a Christian op-ed in the morning’s paper. I probably was projecting when I imagined them thinking: “Isn’t it bad enough that I have to put up with this hokum during Christmas? Do you not realize that was last week?” I confess the thought made me smile.

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I suppose it’s time to down my Advent wreath, huh?

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