The chuch and the Dodo bird

As The Episcopal Church begins the process of re-imagining itself, or at least its governing structures, we should pay special attention to those in the midst of a similar process. In this brief essay, Alison Boulton, a Baptist minister in England compares Christian churches to fat, flightless Dodo birds, and wonders if the time hasn’t come to shed some weight.

Learning to fly would involve slimming down – shedding some fat and embracing simplicity. Not perceiving any urgency or threat have we focused upon church as a place to get fed – where possible with a wide variety of gourmet food? Hours are spent preparing the Sunday feast – a well crafted sermon, creative and well produced worship, beautiful prayers. And then the food critics kick in and argue about sermon styles, song choices or the professionalism of the event. Is this a healthy diet? Or would something simpler to prepare give us more time to do other things; things that feed others not at the Sunday feast, and something that could be replicated during the week by individuals and small groups?

Have a look at her essay and let us know what you think.

Hat tip, Bishop Alan Wilson

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