The church and social networking: four questions

With social networking changing practically everything, the church had ought to be paying attention. Even stripped of their context, these questions from Cynthia B. Astle are ones that should be seeing conversational rotation among the faithful.

What will happen to churches that are anchored in historic beliefs and hidebound in traditions, where hierarchy prevails over democracy and where expectations are that individuals will support the institution without question?

How will clergy of all ranks respond now that church institutions are being peppered with demands for accountability from people in the pews?

How will scholars debate online with integrity disciplines such as theology, ethics, and discipleship when the conversation opens up to those misled by the many irresponsible, unfounded myths, legends and outright lies passed along via the Internet?

Can enthusiasm for various missions and ministries expressed via social networking be translated into real-life, feet-on-the-ground human effort and relationships?

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