The Church Times covers the story of ACI emails

Pat Ashworth of the Church Times writes:

Fourteen conservative bishops in the United States have declared that the Episcopal Church consists of autono­­mous but interdependent dio­ceses, “not subject to any metro­political power or hierarchical control”.

The national Church has no power to speak for them, says a statement expected to be published later this week. The document lays the ground for individual dioceses to sign the Anglican Covenant.

It is written largely by a retired lawyer, Mark McCall, and is endorsed by conservative theologians from the three-member Anglican Commu­nion Institute (ACI). They include the Revd Dr Ephraim Radner, a member of the Covenant Design Group.

The story is here, but you have to scroll down.

At that same address, the CT also has a story that includes comments by the spectacularly uninformed George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Today’s essay on Daily Episcopalian asks whether, in light of the leaked emails, the proposed Angilcan Covenant is properly viewed as an attempt to impose conditions of the rejected Dar es Salaam settlement through other means.

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