The Church Times says…

In its lead editorial, The Church Times suggests that talk of schism is “exaggerated and premature.”

I wish I could agree, but I think Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria is forcing an “us or them” choice on the Primates, and will continue to do so. But I like this bit:

“Looked at over time, it is clearly theological nonsense to suggest that the Holy Spirit might lead people in different directions. But, in the short term, while clarity is being sought, it is natural for different groups to share the opinions of the society that has formed them. Thus one group acts in solidarity with vulnerable gay and lesbian people in society, another wishes to support normal family networks. Both groups act out of principle, and there is virtue in both. If Anglicans around the world can recognise this — and most do — then disagreements will be seen as the signs of a Church working towards a fuller understanding of God’s Kingdom.”


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