The creator of “Daniel” drops by

Jack Kenny, creator of “The Book of Daniel,” left a comment last night:

“Hi. I’m the creator of “The Book of Daniel.” I just wanted to say thank you for your input and support. I hope we will continue to do you all proud. Our goal has always been to tell a specific story about a man and his family… a man and his flaws… a man and his own personal, private relationship with his faith – in the embodiment of Jesus… how anyone can be offended by this, and deny the opportunity of others to watch it and make up their own minds is a continual source of confusion for me… It was written with nothing but respect and love for the Episcopal church and it’s members – a church that my life partner of 23 years belongs to, and a church that I am strongly considering joining. It was always our marching orders, as writers and producers, to never mock or satirize religion, Jesus, or the church in any way, but to treat them with the utmost respect. Yes, we look for humor wherever we can – that’s the job of a TV show… Please give us a few chances, and I’m sure you’ll be unable NOT to watch these loving, supportive family struggle with all their own flaws and foibles in life… and ultimately overcome them – only to find new ones… because that is, indeed, life! Thanks for your interest, and please stay tuned!”

And the Rev. Rob Hensley, spotting an opportunity, responded:

So Jack, what do we need to do to move you from “…a church that I am strongly considering joining” to taking the plunge (i.e., into the waters of Baptism)?

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