The Deadwood Promos on HBO

Have all you “Soparanos” fans out there seen the new commercials for Deadwood? What do you make of them?

For those who don’t watch HBO on Sunday nights, these ads feature the various characters of the gold rush boom town of Deadwood, South Dakota reciting verses of Scripture as they go about their business or turn dramatically toward the camera. The first of these commercials took the Beatitudes as its text; the second took 1 Corinthians 12 on the unity of the body.

I gather that if you watch the show, you get a deeper appreciatiion of why character X is reciting verse Y. But I don’t watch it, and I still think the commercials are pretty compelling. The shots are perfectly framed, and each character reads with quiet intensity.

These spots have led me to wonder why we in the Church haven’t attempted to present the Bible to the world in similiarly innovative ways.

I’ve hunted around a bit for a link to these spots, but come up empty. If anybody has one, please let me know.

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