The devil made Jordan do it

Readers probably remember hearing talk of Akinola being denied entry to Jordan for the pre-GAFCON meetings that were being held there. For a refresher, check out our post here and another at Preludium here. Ruth Gledhill explained it as happening because of bureaucratic details:

Sources at the conference tell me that the Nigerian delegation landed in Tel Aviv and went to the northern crossing point. Archbishop Akinola was travelling on his diplomatic passport. After being questioned for four hours, he was turned back, although the rest of the Nigerian delegation was allowed in. He got his passport back, and apparently was told that they needed a particular clearance on a diplomatic passport which he did not possess.

Now, while readers may remember this being downplayed in press releases coming out of GAFCON at the time, turns out Akinola believes it was an act of Satan himself intervening with Jordanian affairs of state in an effort to undermine the conference, and, well, we’re not even sure what to make of this statement from Akinola:

No matter the humiliation I suffered, I took it as a body lotion, rubbed it all over my body, so that I can shine for Christ.

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