The future of seminary education

What might be the future of seminary education? Patheos blog is offering an online symposium which attempts to answer this question:

Does Seminary Have a Future?

An Online Symposium on the Future of Seminary Education, from Patheos blog

In recent months, we have been listening to ongoing discussions about the problems and promises of seminary education. Some of the talk is fraught with anxiety, and some of it is filled with hope, but it is all marked by a sharp awareness that seminaries must adapt to an increasingly complex world.

What challenges do seminaries face in the coming years? How are they—and the churches and communities that are the focus of their mission—preparing for those challenges? What signs of transformation can we see as we survey the horizon of theological education? What will seminary look like 10 years from now, and what purposes will it serve?

Contributors include: Daniel Aleshire, Philip Clayton, Barbara Wheeler, Ben Witherington, Anne Howard, David Buschart, Brian McLaren, Mark Roberts, Tony Jones, Cynthia Kittredge, James McDonald, Bruce Epperly, Katherine Henderson, Frederick Schmidt and many others.

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