The GAFCONistas have their say

The GAFCON primates have said a little bit about the Lambeth Conference, as have the border-crossing bishops they ordained. Mark Harris provides excellent analysis:

Goodbye Global South, goodbye Lambeth, goodbye Archbishop of Canterbury. As far as the Primates Council is concerned, “the Anglican Communion as a communion of ordered churches is at the probable brink of collapse.” Will these Primates meet with the others at the next Primates Meeting? How will they dare?

This Communique on the one hand says nothing not already in the works at GAFCON. It simply puts in place the various pieces. But it has become divisive in its own house. There are notable realignment provinces missing from this group and for good reason. This is not about saving the Communion. It is about replacing it, and if that is not possible, about starting something else entirely and recruiting from the Anglican Communion as it can.

(boldface added.)

If you doubt Mark’s conclusion, take a look here.

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