The God-o-Meter project

Beliefnet, in partnership with TIME, has created a God-o-Meter (pronounced gah-DOM-meter) for presidential candidates. Said to be a “scientific measure of God-talk in the election”, the meter ranges from 0 (secularist) to 10 (theocrat).

Some current scores:

Hillary Clinton 8 (previous reading 9)

Barack Obama 8 (previous reading 8)

John McCain 3 (previous reading 3)

In the most recent post, on Hillary Clinton, the God-o-Meter reading of 8 at this statement by Clinton concerning Obama’s former pastor: “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.” She criticized the Rev. Wright for what she called “hate speech.”

Clinton’s score hit 9 on Monday when Clinton operative Jim Carville called Governor Richardson “Judas” after he endorsed Obama. Carville has not backed off.

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