The Imperialist Impulse

Do have a look at the Rev. Graham Kings proposal for re-colonizing the United States. Kings is “theological secretary” of Fulcrum, an organization that counts N. T. Wright, PHTM (power-hungry trouble-maker), as one of its benefactors.

The key passage:

“I believe that a key part of the way forward is the concept, outlined in the Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement in June 2006, of ‘constituent’ members of the Anglican Communion (those who choose to adopt the covenant) and ‘associate’ status (for those who do not).”

Okay so far. Then:

“However, to prevent more of the current haemorrhaging, there may well need to be some sort of creative interim measure in the USA, as has been suggested by some in stream three outlined above, such as a ‘College of Windsor Bishops’ to oversee ‘Windsor compliant’ parishes and dioceses in The Episcopal Church.”

Kings from his perch at St. Mary’s, Islington has discerned a hemorrhaging not evident to us benighted Americans whose perceptions are limited by an over reliance on actual information. And, having created an alternate Episcopal universe, he has just the solution for its problem: Impose upon the Episcopal Church a new governing body composed—surprise—of all the bishops who met with his buddy Tom Wright at Camp Allen last year.

What is especially pernicious about Wright and Kings is that they don’t just want to secure a place in the Anglican Communion for Episcopal dissidents–I actually think there is merit to that cause–they want to replace the elected leadership of the Episcopal Church with leaders of their own choosing.

The designs of Peter Akinola seems modest by comparision.

(See also Mark Harris.)

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