The Integrity Eucharist

Lynette Wilson reports on the Integrity Eucharist, which drew some 1,600 worshippers to the Pacific Ballroom of the Hilton Anaheim last night:

“What right does anyone have to draw lines beyond to whom God’s grace, care and favor extend? asked Bishop Barbara Harris in her July 10 sermon celebrating God’s grace on all the baptized, including the Episcopal Church’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered members.

Harris, retired suffragan of Massachusetts and the first female bishop ordained in the Anglican Communion, preached to more than 1,200 people gathered for a Eucharist service hosted by Integrity USA, a support group for gay and lesbian Episcopalians. New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson, who lives in a long-term relationship with a male partner, celebrated.

Take a moment of enjoy Tracy J. Sukraw’s headline before reading her report, which focus on Bishop Harris’ passionate sermon which included:

“If we can develop rites and blessings for fishing fleets and fisherfolk, and for hunts, hounds, horses and houses, including the room where the indoor plumbing is found, we should be able to allow clergy in the exercise of their pastoral ministry to adapt and to appropriate the pastoral office of the blessing of a civil marriage for use with all couples who seek the church’s support and God’s blessing in their marriages. Yes we can,” she said.

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