The IRD: doing what it does best

Brian Kaylor, keeper of the Christian communications blog For God’s Sake Shut Up, points out that: “some ‘Christian’ organizations exist for no other reason than to attack other Christians. It is one thing to offer constructive criticism. But it is another thing to be so focused on attacking that one even twists the facts around just to make an attack. The latter seems to be the model that the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) follows.”

The most recent case in point, Brian writes, are the “odd word games” contained in a recent press release from IRD Anglican Action Director Ralph Webb about the situation in Virginia.

One thing you won’t learn from the press release is that Webb is a former vestry member at Truro, one of the secessionist churches in Virginia. Other members of the IRD staff–which once shared office space with the American Anglican Council–attend Truro, too. That is their right, of course. But it is incumbent upon on honest writer to disclose that sort of thing.

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