The Mad Priest option

The Mad Priest writes:

It will take a while to think it through, and there will be problems and obstacles along the way, but my initial thought is that there must now be a formal coalition between, what I will refer to from now on as, the provinces of Episcopal Anglicanism and a way for all Episcopal christians, even those who do not live in these provinces, to become aligned with and cared for by this new coalition. This new thing will not seek to break away from the Anglican communion and will never consider non-episcopal members of the Anglican Communion as being anything other than in full communion with them, whatever the actions of the rest of Anglicanism. They will root their authority at diocesan level and will act together through the college of bishops, in line with the early traditions of the catholic church. But, above all, they will support each other. If one province is relegated to a lesser position by the Anglican Communion, then all aligned provinces will automatically place themselves in that relegated position also.

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