The nativity 140 characters at a time

The story of the Nativity began to unfold on Twitter on Wednesday through “The Natwivity.”

The Natwivity takes advantage of social media’s unparalleled capacity to engage people as they go about their everyday life to re-tell the Christmas story in a fresh, personal way. People will be able to pick up the ‘tweets’ in their homes, in the high street using their phones and at work.

The Natwivity will give this famous story an immediate, real-life feel, transforming them from people 2,000 years ago to friends of the follower, who are going through the drama now. Followers will be able to read Mary’s angst as she tries to come to terms with the birth of her child, and hear from the stunned shepherds after their encounter with a host of angels.

Each 140-character entry will be a thought or comment from Mary, Joseph, Wise men and Shepherds, with further entries from Herod, an Inn Keeper (and his wife) and friends of Mary and Joseph.

The Natwivity is a Share Creative project in association with the Evangelical Alliance and is part of BibleFresh. Created by Huw Tyler & Ali Johnson, written by Katherine Maxwell Cook and Paul Kerensa, press by Lizzy Millar and website by Andy Hoyland.

The web-site quotes Bishop Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, who says: “Story-telling has been a major part of Christian tradition for centuries & I’m thrilled to see social media being used in this way.”

A sample of the story so far:

#Mary Haven’t even been in a room ALONE with Joseph. (I wish) THERE’S NO WAY COULD I BE HAVING A BABY.about 4 hours ago via HootSuiteRetweeted by you and 10 others

#Joseph Really want to see Mary today but so much to do. Might just have to wait until tomorrow but these pencil cases won’t make themselvesabout 9 hours ago via HootSuite

#Shepherd I have an Old English Sheepdog, which is odd, given I’m in Bethlehem. He’s had a big commute.about 11 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary Breathe. Got to get some air.about 14 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary #nothingisimpossibleabout 15 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary It’s like there’s this light and fire in my stomach. Life exploding inside me. “Nothing is impossible.” That’s what the angel said.about 15 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary I’m pregnant?????!!!!! WHAT?????!!!!!!! #pregnantabout 16 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary Massive bright white foot angel said “don’t worry”! “Don’t be scared”… but…about 16 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary He was tall, really tall. Totally freaked me out.about 16 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary Has anyone ever seen an angel?! So bright, white light, kind of beautiful. He was just here. Right in front of me.about 16 hours ago via HootSuite

#Joseph Beautiful day. Too much work and not got enough wood! Cupboards. Tables. Chairs. Stools. Shelves. Never gonna get through it allabout 16 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary House is so dirty. Need to clean. Dust everywhere. Ma will go crazy if I don’t do it today. #timetocleanabout 17 hours ago via HootSuite

#Mary Misty this morning. So tired. Walked through town and saw the dawn cos I didn’t sleep at allabout 17 hours ago via HootSuite

#Natwivity “Those who walked in darkness have seen a bright light and it shines upon everyone who lives in the land of the darkest shadow”10:30 PM Dec 1st via HootSuite

#Natwivity Joseph paces restlessly around a dusty workshop. His mind, full of a thousand ideas8:00 PM Dec 1st via HootSuiteRetweeted by you and 44 others

#Natwivity They’ve been waiting. For so long. For something. For someone to turn their world upside down6:42 PM Dec 1st via HootSuiteRetweeted by you and 49 others

#Natwivity Darkness falls on Nazareth, Galilee. A breeze sweeps through the town, down streets, round alleyways, into Mary’s house

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