The Religious Right has not left the building

At Religion Dispatches, Bill Berkowitz writes:

Right off the bat, longtime leaders of the Religious Right, monitoring every move Obama’s transition team makes, will distribute angry press releases critical of Obama Administration appointees. Organizations will post heated blog entries and dash off Daily E-Mail Alerts to supporters cataloguing a host of Obama missteps including complaints about the reversal of a number of Bush Administration Executive Orders.

Conservative evangelical leaders will engage in a spirited and steadfast attempt to rebuild and reinvigorate a wounded movement, leading to the US Postal Service and direct mail companies experiencing a surge in business as urgent fundraising appeals pepper the mailboxes and inboxes of Religious Right supporters.

At its worst—as was done during the Clinton Administration—forums will be convened to discuss whether the Obama presidency is legitimate.

An Obama presidency will force the Religious Right to re-think its strategy and tactics; a process that has been happening over the past few years due to the deaths of several prominent conservative Christian evangelical leaders and the aging of others.

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