The Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall elected president of Integrity

Integrity USA announces that the Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall has been elected president of Integrity, the Episcopal organization for full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members of the church:

Caro200x200.jpg Integrity USA is very pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall has been elected President of Integrity USA to fill the unexpired term of the Rev. David Norgard, who resigned earlier this month. The election was held in compliance with Integrity’s bylaws: Article 4, Section 5c. Her candidacy had the unanimous and enthusiastic support of the Board of Directors.

“Caro has the ability to hit the ground running at this point in the triennium”, said the Rev. Susan McCann, who as Chair of the Stakeholder’s Council, called for the election. “She has a love of the Gospel and a commitment to calling TEC to continue on the journey to full inclusion. She is also committed to expanding local and regional grassroots connectivity while providing leadership for continued advocacy at the national level.”

Many on the Integrity Board have served with Caro in the past. Neil Houghton said, “Caro began her association with Integrity as a Chapter Convenor in the Diocese of El Camino Real. We served together on Integrity Board from 2006-2009 where she was the Director of Anglican Issues. Her background, education and experience helped Integrity form a strong link with the Anglican Communion Office which contributed to Integrity’s great witness at the Lambeth Conference in 2008.”

Director of Communications Louise Brooks, who as Secretary of the Board, certified the election and who has worked with Caro since 2003 called her” brilliant, media savvy and an excellent spokesperson for our organization and our movement.” Brooks added, “As the founder and Chair of the Central Coast Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, Caro is a longtime champion of and great advocate for Marriage Equality in California. She has preached, written and spoken eloquently about our issues. She brings a wealth of pastoral, administrative and communication gifts along with her wide ranging experience of the church and its mission locally, nationally and globally. She knows the history of Integrity’s work for LGBT inclusion in TEC and the Anglican Communion. And, she is our expert on the Anglican Covenant. We are truly blessed to have Caro as our President”

The Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall assumes the Presidency of Integrity USA immediately. Upon stepping on board, she sent this message: ” I am delighted and honored to have the support of so many Integrity members as I pick up the President position in the middle of this triennium. As always, Integrity has an exciting and challenging time ahead of us as we continue to work for equality throughout the Episcopal Church and beyond.”

For more information contact:

Louise Brooks

Director of Communications

Integrity USA


Hall’s first letter as President is here.

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