The Sacred in Cyber Space – Part 2 of 2


The Sacred in Cyber Space – Part 2 of 2

The Technologizing of the Word. In oral cultures, Ong writes, speech is more performance oriented, a way of doing something to someone; in our print and media culture, speech is more informational, partly because it is controlled by larger institutions (including the church). That is changing in the world of computer-mediated communication, which is more horizontal. Although based on a printed book, the Bible, Christian community is in fact a performance (oral) community and always has been. One of our difficulties today in the church is that we have allowed ourselves to be fixed in time and space, less amenable to the messiness of performance and art. What does it mean (to me) and how can I use it trumps (almost) everything else.

By the way, Ong wrote this book before the computer revolution. – Ken Arnold

reference ‘Orality and Literacy’ by Walter Jackson Ong, 2002, Routledge. ISBN 0415281288.

On View: “Luminous Drawing”, a digital montage by Barbara Desrosiers. As seen in the ECVA exhibition Unto Us a Child is Born

Barbara Desrosiers trained in the fine arts at the University of Rhode Island, and has studied informally in art communities all over the world. The evolution of her work from the painted surface to digital montage has been years in the process. Her work has always been impacted by her faith as well as her surroundings. These lead her to search for an understanding of God�s presence in the world, and his presence and power in her work. She lives and works in Melbourne, Florida, and is a member of Church of the Holy Apostles, Satellite Beach, Florida.

Ken Arnold is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. You can read more of his work here.

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