The sky must be high, cuz its been falling for years

Jonathan Petre of The Telegraph says the Communion is “battling to survive.”

I dunno. It seems to me that it is just battling to come to a consensus on a statement from this meeting.

It’s true, as Petre reports, that there might be majority and minority statements, but, depending on the content of those statements, the Communion might well just limp along as it has been doing for a while now, with each side spinning the outcome of the meeting to suit its purposes..

Petre suggests that a minority of Primates, a quarter or so, might “separate” themselves from the rest of the Church if they do not win significant concessions. But let’s wait and see. They might just make some dramatic symbolic move that will capture media attentionin the ways the Eucharistic boycott did, pledge their unending support to CANA and the Network and call it a day.

Tomorrow will tell. Meanwhile, the Living Church’s report, which makes no predictions, is here.

And by the way, don’t fall for this overhyped attempt to turn a report that has been long in the making and will be long in the digesting into some sort of panic-inducing scoop.

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