The Special Commission

Some of the liberal deputies I have spoken with are uneasy about the way the Special Commission that is handling all the Windsor Report-related legislation is proceeding. It has spent what to some folks seemed like an inordinate amount of time perfecting a resolution that involves inviting members of other Anglican provinces to serve with seat and voice, but not vote, on our Standing Commissions.

This, in some eyes, has left insufficient time for a real give and take on seemingly more significant resolutions such as whether to approve a moratorium on the consecration of non-celibate gay bishops, and the nature of the Anglican Communion.

The Rev. Mark Harris, proprietor of the excellent blog Preludium, is sounding fairly downcast this morning. Mark, who was on the commission that proposed the 12 resolutions before the committee seems to feel that progresive voices aren’t being heard.

Appropos of the lack of conversation about the place of gay Christians in the Church, one deputy told me. “It turns out that the elephant in the room isn’t pink. And, in fact, it isn’t even in the room.”

I am reserving judgment on the procedings so far. The Rev. Frank Wade, chair of our deputation, is co-chair of the committee, and he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve met through this job. I am hoping that he and his colleagues can cobble something together.

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