The surprising faith of ordinary people

Archdeacon Tuiniua Finau tells Radio New Zealand International about the surprising level of faith among ordinary New Zealanders.

The head of the Anglican church in Tonga says media coverage of the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake on February the 22nd has shown how many New Zealanders believe in God.

Archdeacon Tuiniua Finau says the worship in which Tongans have participated since then is the major way for them to express their feelings over the disaster.

But he says the demonstration of equivalent levels of faith in New Zealand has surprised him.

“I used to take it for granted and I used to talks about it and laugh about it as if New Zealand worshipped rugby. And I did mention in my homily yesterday I was shocked with the huge faith that New Zealand people have in God.”

Archdeacon Tuiniua Finau says for every 10 New Zealanders interviewed on television or radio since the earthquake, seven exhibited a faith in God.

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