The things people say

The must-read is from Mark Harris, who concludes:

“Archbishop Williams is a quite remarkable person and carrying a load no one ought to bear. It seems he feels he has been placed where he is to bear the marks of suffering for unity. That suffering has become, it seems, his integrity.

“But unity has already been established in Jesus Christ. The unity of the Anglican Communion as a regulatory agency is not the unity that Our Lord prayed for. That unity is relational, not confessional. The Creator and The Annointed One are one in relation. Surely the Archbishop’s integrity of person and position can be relational as well. Unity is not the cause for which he must suffer. My prayer is that he can let it go.

“The unity of the Anglican Communion may be let go of as easily as breathing out. When it came into being, it was relational. It has existed relationally. Perhaps even in its disunity it can still be relational.”

Richard has A Personal Manifesto, at Caught by the Light.

Dean Nick Knisely of Entangled States has news that his bishop, Kirk Smith of Arizona, is endorsing the Primates’ recommendatios and predicting that the House of Bishops will endorse them as well.

The Anglican Scotist: A Tacit Liberal Triumph in Tanzania (On women’s ordination)

And Father Jones, the Anglican Centrist has an Ash Wednesday reflection on some of the issues raised by the meeting in Tanzania.

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