The usefulness of strategic planning?

Is your church a church in the midst of strategic planning, how useful is it?

Why Strategic Planning for Churches Wastes Your Time

From EthicsDaily

Time for a confession. Let me tell you a consultant’s dirty little secret: Congregational strategic planning is frequently a waste of time and can be counterproductive. There, it’s out. Now, it’s time to explain.

Many congregations, for a variety of reasons, choose to engage in strategic planning.

Some opt to conduct the process internally, while others hire an outsider to help. Denominations and judicatories are getting in on the action, selling scads of books, workbooks and assessment tools to help the process.

. . .

The truth is, far too many of these generic plans are a waste of time and energy because they give only lip service to the question of divine guidance.

Oh, there is the obligatory prayer emphasis, but what is lacking is genuine spiritual discernment.

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