The Wall Street Journal looks at pending anti-gay legislation in Nigeria

The Nigerian Village Square Web site has reporter Mark Schoof’s story, which ran in the Journal last week. It begins:

LAGOS, Nigeria — Augustus Olakunle Macaulay founded the Bible university that trained his son in theology. He founded the evangelical ministry that ordained his son as a minister. And he is president of Nigeria’s Association of Christian Theologians, which counts his son as a member.

But now Prof. Macaulay supports a proposed law that could criminalize his son’s new Christian church and put him behind bars. That’s because his son, the Rev. Rowland Jide Macaulay, has founded House of Rainbow, a church that caters to Nigeria’s gay men and lesbians — a first for Africa’s most populous country.

The relationship between Prof. Macaulay and his son mirrors some of the conflicting forces buffeting homosexuals in Nigeria. Gay men and lesbians are becoming more visible, even as their society, which is hostile to homosexuality, threatens to become still less tolerant of them.

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