The “Windsor” bishops

Bishop Don Wimberly of Texas who convened both meetings of the so-called “Windsor” or “Camp Allen” bishops has written to his diocese. He doesn’t sound much like someone eager to participate in a scheme for alternative oversight.

It is too early to draw a firm conclusion, but it seems at least possible that Bishops N. T. Wright, Michael Scott-Joynt, Rowan Williams and everyone else who accepted the Anglican Communion Institute’s assessment of the mood of our House of Bishops were badly mistaken.

Some 25 bishops attended one of the two “Windsor bishops” meetings held at Camp Allen (one in September 2006 and one in January 2007), but not everyone who comes to the open house puts in a bid on the property.

Of the 21 bishops who signed a September 22, 2006 letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, saying that the Episcopal Church “did not adequately” to the Windsor Report, several have retired, and it is not at all clear that all of those remaining are a) intersted in any kind of alternative oversight or b) are able to persuade their dioceses to accept such a scheme. It may be that the “Windsor bishops” are really the Network bishops plus just a few others.

We will know more when this group–whatever its size–convenes again during the last week of April.

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